At Schmidt Builders, we strive to build you an energy efficient custom home that fits your budget. We offer years of experience and education in energy-efficient design. As a result, we can ensure you have the highest level of protection from the elements should that be your goal. In addition, we provide expertise in installing Insulated Concrete Forms or ICFs, a major consideration in energy efficient design.

Energy Efficient Custom Home Considerations

Energy efficient homes require many considerations, including the following.

  • Insulation and home envelope options
  • Efficient and insulated windows and doors
  • The sun for solar tempering and as an energy source
  • Energy-efficient water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners
  • Purchase of efficient appliances, lighting and electronics
  • Energy-efficient fresh air supply

Schmidt Builders will answer your questions and guide you in your energy-efficient home build.

ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms)

Ray and Matt specialize in using insulated concrete forms in our builds. A good home is built on a solid foundation. We assemble the foundation and walls using high-density, rigid foam “Lego” forms. Then, we fill the forms with 5-6 inches of wet concrete. Finally, the forms stay in place once the concrete is set. Because the blocks are so tightly bound, you are left with the highest level of comfort and protection for your home. 

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